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St. Louis Cardinals

Busch Stadium Seating Chart


St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium

700 Clark Ave

St Louis, MO 63102

Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals, seats 46,861.



Cardinals Club (1-8) Directly Behind Home Plate

Lower Right Field/Right Field Boxes (128-134) Right Field Corner

Dugout Box (132-139, 161-166) Next to Visitor/Home Dugout

First Base Field Box (135-140) Behind Dugout Box by First Base

Diamond Box (140-145, 155-160) Directly Behind Visitor/Home Dugouts

Infield Field Box (141-144, 156-160) Behind Diamond Box

Home Field Box (145-155) Behind Cardinal's Club (Home Plate)

Third Base Field Box (160-165) Behind Dugout Box by Third Base

Lower Left Field Box (166-172) Lower Level Left Field Corner

Left Field Box (165,167) Behind Lower Left Field Box

Right Field Loge (228-234) Behind Right Field Box

First Base Loge (235-240) Overlooking 1st Base/Right Field

Infield Redbird Club (241-246, 254-257) Overlooking 1st Base

Home Redbird Club (247-253) Overlooking Home Plate

Bank of America Club (258-260) Overlooking 3rd Base

Third Base Loge (261, 263, 265) Overlooking 3rd Base/Left Field

Left Field Loge (267-271) Far Left Field Corner

Left Field Porch (LP1, LP2, LP3) Far Left Field

Right Field Pavilion (328-334) Overlooking Far Right Field

First Base Pavilion (335-340) Overlooking 1st Base/Right Field, Behind 1st Base


Infield Pavilion (341-360) Overlooking the Infield

Left Field Pavilion (361-372) Overlooking Far Left Field

Right Field Terrace (428-434) Upper Level Overlooking Far Right Field


- Accessible seating in available throughout the stadium at all seating levels. For more

information, call (314)-345-9000.

- All items allowed in the ballpark will be inspected (purses, diaper bags, backpacks, etc).

- Elevators and escalators are located throughout the ballpark.

- To re-enter the stadium, guests must have their hands stamped, have a re-entry card

(available at Gates 1, 2, or 4), and show game ticket. No re-entry after the end of the 6th


- Gates open 2 hours prior to scheduled game time.

- Smoking including E-cigarettes is prohibited.

- For more information, visit