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Colorado Rockies

Coors Field Seating Chart


Colorado Rockies at Coors Field

2001 Blake St

Denver, CO 80205

Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies, was opened April 26, 1995 and holds 50,445 fans.



- There are approximately 1,000 accessible seats throughout the ballpark.

- Children 2 years old and under do not need a ticket for entry but must sit on an adult's lap.

- Sale of alcohol will be terminated after the 7th inning.

- Smoking including E-Cigs is prohibited inside the ballpark.

- Elevators are limited to Wells Fargo Club and Suite Level ticket holders, and families with

small children. Elevators are located at section 105, 111, 130, 147, and under the Rockpile.

- Escalators located at:


Infield Club Overlooking First/Third Bases

Outfield Club Overlooking Right/Left Field

Infield Box First/Third Bases and Home Plate

Midfield Box First/Third Bases

Outfield Box Right/Left Field

Lower Reserved Infield Overlooking First/Third Bases and Home Plate

Right Field Box Far Right Field

Right Field Mezzanine Overlooking Far Right Field

Pavilion Left Field

Upper Reserved Infield Upper Level Overlooking First/Third Bases and

Home Plate

Lower Reserved Outfield Upper Level Overlooking Right/Left Field

Upper Reserved Outfield Behind Lower Reserved Outfield

Lower Right Field Reserved Behind Right Field Mezzanine

Rockpile Far Center Field

- Gate A access the Mezzanine and Upper Level

- Section 201 access the Upper Level

- Section 122 and 147 access the Wells Fargo Club

- Section 218 access the Suite Level

- Section 123 and 147 access the Upper Level

- Single game parking passes are available for $16 in Lot A and $14 in Lot B.

- Purple Mondays: fans can enjoy Coca-Cola Value Packs, Green Packs and Value game

pricing on all 9 Monday games. Wear Purple, win prizes.

- Re-entry through any of the 5 gates is permitted when presenting your game ticket and your

stamped hand.

- For more information, visit