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Cincinnati Reds

Great American Ball Park Seating Chart


Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ball Park

100 Joe Nuxhall Way

Cincinnati, OH 45202

Great American Ball Park, home to the Cincinnati Reds, is located on the Ohio River in

downtown Cincinnati, and seats 42,271 fans.


Diamond Seats (1-5) Directly Behind Home Plate

Scout Box (22-25) Behind Diamond Seats

Club Home (220-228) Behind Scout

Club Seating (301-307) Behind Infield Box, Right Field

Dugout Box Directly Behind Visitor/Home Dugouts

Infield Box (113-133) By First/Third Bases

Field Box (109-112, 134-137) Right/Left Field

Terrace Line (107, 108, 138, 139) Right/Left Field Corners


- Great American Ballpark offers many services to disabled guests, including parking, seating,

and more. For more information, visit

- Sale of alcohol will be terminated 3 hours after the first pitch (typically around the 8th inning).

- All items allowed in the ballpark will be inspected (purses, diaper bags, backpacks, etc).

- Elevators are located behind sections 101, 110, 121, 127, and 135.

- There are 3 escalators in the ballpark by Gapper's Alley, near Reds Hall of Fame, and one on

the Club Level.

- Gates open 1.5 hours prior to scheduled game time.

- Parking is available on the east and west sides of the ballpark. For more information, visit

- To re-enter the ballpark, guests must go through the gate near the Tree Grove (between

Crosley Terrace and the Fan Zone west side). Guest must present their tickets and will be


- Personalized Scoreboard Messages are available for $50 and must be submitted 3 business

days before game day. For more information, call (513)-765-7100

View Level Box (420-437) Overlooking Infield (Right to Center)

Inner Mezzanine (415-419) Overlooking Infield (Left)

Outer Mezzanine (411-414) Overlooking Left Field

All-You-Can-Eat (408-410) Overlooking Left Field

Sun Deck/Moon Deck (140-146) Right Field

Terrace Outfield (101-106) Left Field

Bleachers (401-406) Far Left Field (Other Side of Ballpark)

View Level (516-533) Upper Level Overlooking Infield

View Level Line (513-515, 534, 535) Upper Level Overlooking Right/Left Field

Outer View Level (510-512, 536, 537) Upper Level Overlooking Right/Left Field Corners

Value View (509) Upper Level Left Field Corner

Scout (122-126) Behind Scout Box


- Smoking is prohibited inside the ballpark.

- For more information, visit