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Chicago Cubs

Wrigley Field Seating Chart


Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field

1060 West Addison St.

Chicago, IL 60613

Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, was built in 1914 and has officially reached it's 100th

season. The ballpark holds 41,160 fans.



- Sale of alcohol will be terminated at the end of the 7th inning.

- Service animals for guests with disabilities are permitted, all other animals are prohibited.

- All items allowed in the ballpark will be inspected (purses, diaper bags, backpacks, etc).

- Gates open 2 hours before game time.


Club Box Infield (9-34) Behind Home Plate and Home/Visitor Dugouts

Club Box Outfield (5-8, 34-37) Front Lower Level RF/LF

Field Box Infield (110-133) Behind Club Box Infield

Field Box Outfield (13-142, 101-109) RF/LF

Terrace Box Infield Second Level Overlooking Home, 1st/3rd Bases

Terrace Box Outfield Second Level RF/LF

Upper Deck Box Infield (411-430) Upper Level Overlooking Home, 1st/3rd Bases

Upper Deck Box Outfield (403-409, 431-436) Upper Level RF/LF

Terrace Reserved Infield (211-233) Second Level Overlooking Home, 1st/3rd Bases

Terrace Reserved Outfield (201-209, 233-243) Second Level RF/LF to Foul Pole

Upper Reserved Infield (509-518, 523-532) Upper Level Overlooking Home, 1st/3rd Bases

Upper Reserved Outfield (503-509, 533538) Upper Level RF/LF

MasterCard Century Seats (403, 404) Upper Left Field Corner

Dugout Box A-D Directly Behind Home Plate

Bullpen Box A-C Directly Beside Home/Visitor Dugouts

Budweiser Bleachers (301-318) Far Outfield (RF/LF)

- Children 2 years old and younger are admitted freely, and must sit on an adult's lap.

- Many Disabled Guest Services are offered, including Wheelchair Assistance, Seating,

Parking, Elevators, and First Aid. For more information, call (773)-404-2827.

- Smoking is prohibited.

- The Chicago Cubs offer 6 parking lots (Red Lot, Irving Park Lot, Blue Lot, Purple Lot, Brown

Lot, Green Lot). On the weekends, the Cubs offer a DeVry Remote Shuttle and Parking

service. For more information and to reserve a parking spot, call (800)-843-2837.

- Personalized Scoreboard Messages are displayed in the middle of the 5th inning. To reserve

a message, visit

- Fans will not be allowed back into the ballpark once they leave.

- For more information, visit