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Arizona Diamondbacks

Chase Field Seating Chart


Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field

401 E Jefferson St

Phoenix, AZ 85004

Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, opened on March 31, 1998 and holds about

48,633 fans.



Bleachers (100-105, 139-145) Right/Left Outfield

Bullpen Reserve (106-108, 136-138) Right and Left Field Corners

Baseline Reserve (109-111, 133-135) Right and Left Field

Baseline Box (112-114, 130-132) First/Third Bases

Infield Box (115-129) First/Third Bases and Home Plate

Club Reserve (200-205, 210A, 210B, 215-220,


Overlooking Right/Left Field

Club Box (206-209, 210C, 210D, 211-214) Overlooking First/Third Bases

Club Terrace (210E, 210F, 210G, 210H, 210I) Overlooking Home Plate

All Can You Eat (221-223) Left Field Corner

Outfield Reserve (300-304, 328-332) Upper Level Overlooking Right/Left Field

Infield Reserve (305-327) Upper Level Overlooking First/Third Base and

Home Plate


- There is accessible seating for guests with disabilities at the Accessible Seating Klub (ASK).

For more information, call 602-462-6163.

- All You Can Eat Seats include unlimited hot dogs, chips, popcorn, peanuts, Pepsi products,

Aquafina, etc. until the 7th inning.

- Sale of alcohol will be terminated at the first pitch of the 8th inning.

- Escalators are located by the main plaza gates and only operate in the up direction before

game time and only in the down position starting in the middle of the 7th inning.

- Elevators are located at sections 104, 117, 127, 140, 311, 321, suite 26, suite 43, NW and NE


- For parking information, go to and visit the Directions & Parking section.

- Gates A, F, J, and K are the only Gates setup for re-entry. Before exiting, guests must go to

one of these gates and get a re-entry card or be scanned out.

- Personalized Scoreboard Messages are available for $100 donation (wedding proposals for

$250 donation). For more information, please call 602-462-6454.

- Smoking is prohibited inside the ballpark. Designated smoking areas are outside of Gates A,

J, and K.

- For more information, visit

MVP Box (310-322) In front of Infield Reserve

Dugout Box (C-F, N-Q) Directly Behind Visitor/Home Dugout

Home Plate Box (G-M) Directly Behind Home Plate

First/Third Base Box (A, B, S, R) Next to First/Third Bases

First/Third Base Reserve Behind First/Third Base Boxes