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Arizona Cardinals

University of Phoenix Stadium Seating Chart


Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium

There are 41 rows in the 100s section, each with 18 seats per row.

The club level is located in the 200s section, and there are close to 7,500 seats. Sections are divided into

  • Club Sideline (section 209-214, 235-240)

  • Club Goaline (section 206-208, 215-217, 232-234, and 241-243)

  • Club Corner (section 201-205, 218-222, 227-231, and 244-2448)

Some club level amenities include private entrance, club lounges, cushioned seats, VIP guest treatment, 20% off of merchandise, exclusive food and beverage outlets, etc.

The terrace level is located in the 400s.

There are a total of 88 lofts, otherwise referred to as suites. Lofts are located on the Club level lounges and in the Loft level corridor.

Keep in Mind:

Family Sections are 114, 424 and 432. There is no alcohol permitted.

For big events, there are seats added to the upper decks of the end zone. They are only put in place to accommodate larger crowds, and have an obstructed view of the field. We recommend not purchasing these tickets, but if you must, make sure they don't exceed the 23rd row of the terrace level.

The stadium is shaped like a dome, so be wary of ice-cold temperatures during the winter months.

If your tickets are on the east side of the stadium, be sure to bring sunglasses and a hat to avoid blinding from the scorching sun.

If purchasing upper level seats, the best choice is in the upper level in the center of the field. This includes seats 411-414 and 442-445.

This stadium is generally considered top-of-the-line and there are very few seats that truly limit your view of the game.

Ring of Honor seating is located at the Terrace level, and honors many memorable players of the Cardinals. This area is accessible by the terrace concourse.