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Washington Capitals News

Washington Capitals vs. Carolina Hurricanes Recap

In the 1st period between the Hurricanes and the Capitals, Washington took over 3 times as many shots and managed the only goal of the period thanks to T.J. Oshie during a powerplay. Nicklas Backstrom made the assist and this was his first game back since his recent injury. There was some more or less even back and forth in the 2nd period, but neither team managed to score, leaving the game at 0-1 for Washington. 1:38 into the 3rd, Backstrom scored an unassisted goal of his own. Jeff Skinner managed to score once as well, finally putting the Canes on the board. Washington weren't going to let their lead slip away though, with John Carlson making a power play goal just a couple of minutes later. Alex Ovechkin scored as well 16:11 into the period, and that was the end for Carolina.

Washington Capitals vs. Chicago Blackhawks Recap

The Chicago Blackhawks headed to Washington to take on the Capitals. The Capitals would take it right to the Blackhawks as they jumped all over them early. T.J. Oshie would score on the power play to get things started. John Carlson would add a goal to give the Capitals a 2-0 lead. The Capitals would add another goal, and flex their muscles. The Blackhawks would finally score a goal early in the 3rd period, but that would be nowhere near enough. Capital Star and lead Alex Ovechkin would score to put the game completely out of reach and sent the struggling Blackhawks to another loss.

Washington Capitals vs. San Jose Sharks Recap

The San Jose Sharks and Washington Capitals came in undefeated and someone would have to lose after tonight. This game would be over before it started as the San Jose Sharks took it right to the Capitals and would not stop. Sharks goalie Martin Jones would be a stone wall and stop all 31 shots the Capitals would throw at him, and the Sharks offense would just fire at will and score. Chris Tierney would lead the Sharks with a goal and assist, as well as Matt Nieto. A few more Sharks scored and they would skate on and win easily against the Capitals in Washington.
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Washington Capitals 2014-2015 Schedule, Score, Roster, Rumors, Seating Charts

Washington Capitals Schedule in 2014 - 2015

The Washington Capitals play season starts for real when Skate up to take on the Canadians on October 9th on home ice. Then they get right to work and take on the Burins up in Boston on the 11th. November is a little harder schedule they will start the month with back to back matchups, first vs. the lightning down in Tampa on the first of November then they will return home to try to tame the coyotes 24 hours later. Other games to catch include, Penguins on the road December 27th it will be a big game in that you will see the first return to their former home for Matt Niskanen and Brooks Orpik. Even though it will be Super Bowl Sunday they will be playing hockey in DC if you have tickets y ou need not worry though that you will miss the big game it scheduled start early at 1 PM. It is one of a hand full of matinee games. The season concludes on the 11th of April when they close things out Vs. the Rangers. Finally Mark down it down they will be part of the winter classic this year in DC on JAN 1.

Washington Capitals Roster

When it comes to the roster for this years squad the big news is that there will be a new head coach named Barry Trotz , he worked for 15 seasons for Nashville Predators operating in different rolls behind the bench. His expertise in how to operate the defense. He will work with Zdeno Chara, Shea Weber or Drew Doughty’s caliber who will be suiting up on D and are said to need the new coaches guidance. Over the offensive side (the teams so called strong point) Alexander Ovechkin who provides talent and major star power with his power plays will be back along with Matt Niskanen, Brooks Orpik who are new to the squad. Missing this year will be Mikhail Grabovski, Jaroslav Halak. Evgeny Kuznetzov is said to be really smart player who really watches a lot of film he grew up in Russia where they known for there work ethic on the ice so look for that t o spread through the team. Braden Holtb who is only 25 will be trying to stop the puck in DC this year and for years to come.

Washington Capitals Fan Experience

The Capitals home ice is right down town in Washingtion has really good beer that is what a lot of people say about the place. For hockey games the Verizon Center which holds over 18,000 for a NHL match up. Also they have great soup they also have a lot good spots to keep warm at the stadium and the lights are good they do not buzz. Get this you can go and eat at the raw bar for under 15 dollars if you wanted. The building has the seets laid out of hockey there really isn’t any bad sight lines even from way up past the 300 level what you will hear is loud noise the echo’s though when you are seated up high .

Washington Capitals Trivia

The capitals was a true family job for one family Kevin, and Kip, have all suited up for the team. Miller. Kelly, Kevin, and Kip, all played at one time or an other for the team this a rare thing to have happen in the NHL it occurred back in

Washington Capitals History

The history of the Caps started when they entered the league in 1974 . They Zero Cups but did make it to the conference championship in 1998 and won the match. They were division champs in 89, 2000 ,01, 08 09, 10, a big name in team records is Dainius Zubrus set career highs with the Capitals over the 2005-06 season an other highlight was in 2008 when
Alexander Ovechkin earned Hart MVP Trophy in 2008, Michael Nylander and Brian Pothier helped provide D for the team and were really good at it. This team has always been located in the nations capital and you guised it that is why they have that name though the logo has changed about 4 times the name has remained the same over the years. Retired numbers from the team Include Rod Langway, Yvon Labre along with Mike Gartner. This team is also well represented with players from the hall of fame.

Washington Capitals Fan Info

The fans are loud and take a lot of pride in the Capitals over half of the people who show up to the games do wearing red . Now there are a lot of polticans and lawyers who are in town and are only there to see the other team but since Baltimore doesn’t have pro team they are the big draw for hockey starved people so you can see people going to bars or leaving work early to catch the games. There has been known to be lets to Caps cheers on the metro heading to the games people get really fired up but yet are polite to the opposing team fans just not there players . Sadly for some if the game is a blow out they usally leave early.

Washington Capitals Rumors

The rumor has it that since the Capitals who are the presidents away team favorite hockey team , will be taking on his home team the Black Hawks on New Years day and the president has yet on record attended an NHL game as president there is rumors swirling about a possible visot from the president to watch the game on Jan 1. Also look for the game to be played at night time so it gets a bigger ratings. Games like this is what really bring out the fun for these teams. But if there records are bad also be ready for the NHL and NBC sports to Change there minds about hosting the event well at least not on national TV. HBO is also involved in this they are said to be going to up for a month players who are going to play in this game as they have in the past it takes on the format of the pre season NFL show they do.