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NFC Wild Card or Divisional Home Game: San Francisco 49ers vs. TBD (Date: TBD - If Necessary) Recap

Football game is an international game. there a game game held at san fransisco. 49 ers vs. TBD. The date of the game played on january third 2015.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals Recap

The Football match during this match December 28,2014 to the san francisco 49ers vs Arizona cardinals of this match. then Arizona and the san francisco players to played on the players are control by their team captain very great on this match. then arizona team players are played very passing to ball of this match tricky. and the long shot of the easy to get the goal in the Arizona team players edwin on this match. then francisco players are played very dull to this match.score is 3-6..

San Francisco 49ers vs. San Diego Chargers Recap

The football match is on December 20,2014 to the teams are San francisco 49ers vs san diego chargers of this match. the match started by the san diego players of this match, it was their team players wellah is take ball to using shot the super goal of this match. it was awesome goal. and the francisco team players yarik is get the goal of the last minutes ending the quarter of the match , it was very hard to get the goal . ending quarter score is 5-4.
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