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AFC Championship Game: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. TBD (If Necessary) Recap

While most of the recent coverage of this game is surrounding the whether the Pats messed with the air in the ball there was an actual game that went on.
The AFC championship took place on a rainy Sunday night Fox Bourough Mass. The Pats easily made it past the Colts up in New England. The colts only had one touch down the entire game. Andrew Luck who was un lucky with twelve passes being caught when he threw thirty three passes. The colts scored once and there was also a four interceptions thrown up. Brady mean while had what many feel is the best game in years putting up 23 for 35 in passing. The team did to putting up 150 yards. New England won the game mightily by more then thirty points

AFC Wild Card Game: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens Recap

Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers (Jan 3rd) Wild Card Playoff

A tough battle of division rivals. The game started off slow with the home team Steelers going up 3-0 to end the first quarter. In the 2nd quarter, things started to heat up. First, Bernard Pierce ran in a 5 yard touchdown to put the Ravens back in the lead. Then, both teams traded off field goals, and the Ravens going into halftime with a 10-9 lead. The 2nd half saw a lot more action with one team firmly taking the lead and putting the game to bed. Joe Flacco had a good game for the Ravens while passing 18/29, for 259 yards, and 2 touchdowns. For the Steelers, Antonio Brown had a stellar game with 9 receptions, and 117 yards. Both teams struggled getting the running game going with the Steelers only managing 53 yards, and to be only out down by the Ravens with their 68 yards on the ground.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals Recap

The football is begin the December 28,2014 to the Pittsburgh steelers vs cincinnati bengals of this match. the bengals players are very great and experience guy on this match. starting this match by the pittsburgh team captain of the match.to played the match was very effective to played on that time. the players jose is get the ball to kick at the reach point of the match. then score in led on this match. bengals players hard of played and not led. score in ending was 5-3.to this match continue.
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