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Oakland Raiders vs. Houston Texans Recap

This game put 1-0 Texans vs a 0-1 Raiders Team. The Houston Texans started red hot as the Texans drive 80 yards tap off with a bizarre 1 yard touchdown thrown from Fitzpatrick to JJ Watt. Yes, Texans star defender JJ Watt. The Texans will score again on their next drive, going 70 yards tapoff with a Foster TD run. The Raiders have no answer for the Texans offense and Defense going into the second quarter. Dereck Carr of the Raiders throws an INT to Jackson on a Raiders drive that had promise but ended with no result. The Texans will take advantage of the situation and kick a field goal to take a dominate lead. The Raiders defense stars to finally slow down the Texans offense, but the Raiders will trail by 17 at halftime.
Raiders start the third quarter much like the second with a drive of promise only to end in a fumble that will eventually lead to a Fitzpatrick pass to Hopkins that puts the Texans up big. The Texans will get the ball agian after a Raiders three and out that puts the Texans in good field possession which leads to a field goal. The 3rd quarter ends with Raiders fans looking ahead to an 0-2 start. The Raiders will score to star the 4th but will need much more than just McFadden one yard touchdown run. The Texans on the next possession go on a long drive that not only ends in a field goal, but kills tons of clock. The Raiders next possession see rookie QB Carr force things and throw his second INT. The Raiders will block the Texans field goal try, than drive to a touchdown drive cap off with Carr touchdown pass to Jones for nine yards, but the Texans have this game in hand as they go on to win. Now fans in Texas can hope for another division title after a poor performance last year.

New York Jets vs. Oakland Raiders Recap

D. Carr made two touchdowns passes for the Oakland Raiders, who are now 0-1 in the season. On the other side, for the New York Jets, Geno Smith scored one touchdown and made two hundred twenty one passing yards. However, he did have one interception. The Jets after this game are now 1-0 on the season. The Raiders had a total of 11 first downs while the Jets had a total of 20 first downs, this contributed to the win by the Jets. The Raiders only had a total of forty-nine rushing and passing plays while the Jets had a total of sixty-five.

2014 Oakland Raiders Season Tickets (Includes Tickets To All Regular Season Home Games) Recap

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