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Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders Recap

Kansas City Chiefs clashed with their long time rivals the Oakland Riders on December 14, 2014 at the Arrowhead Stadium based in Kansas City, Missouri. The teams were equally good but the Chiefs took advantage of the entire game with ease, they scored 7 goals in the second round compared to the Riders who did not score any, the second round both teams scored 3 goals each, The Raiders ruled the fourth round scoring 7 compared to the Chiefs who scored no goals, the overall score in the end was the Chiefs with 31 and Raiders with 13, the Kansas City Chiefs won the match in style.

Oakland Raiders vs. San Francisco 49ers Recap

The football match is staring the December 07,2014 it was oakland raiders vs san francisco 49ers .this match is both team players are a great players,now the match is starting now weather conditions is very super . then both team players are try to goal but this is not able ,then raiders are get the goal the score rating was 0-1 ,0-2,1-2,2-2 then both players get the break . after the break the players are given the great performance of the match the score rating was the 2-3,3-3,3-4,3-5. that the rating was san francisco won the match sereis. they are given the great performance of the match....

St. Louis Rams vs. Oakland Raiders Recap

After a rough week for St Louis off the field with what happened in Ferguson after a few players protested by putting there hands up it was time to play football in under the dome. The Raiders who have only won a game all season would not be able to win or even score. The Rams scored three touchdowns in the first Quarter. They would add 17 more points in the second. With use of Mason they really worked the running game he hustled for 113 yards with six carries in the half with an 89-yard score. Late in the game he topped it off with a 35 yard screen pass
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