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Crossroads Classic: Indiana vs. Butler & Purdue vs. Notre Dame Recap

the basketball match on december 20 2014 and the three team played that game the game are the very good players and the teams are the classic and bukter and notre team the three teams are have very good players and the got the tough competitors that the teams are very well played the classic team team are 2.1 and the bulter team 2.2 and tje notre team was 2.1

Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Florida State Seminoles Recap

This is the basketball match on December 13,2014 on the Notre fighting irish vs florid state seminoles on this match both team are so expected on the match , and this match is starting very excellent given the both team player, then match is led the score rating of the one to another led, the score rating was the 0-1,0-2,0-3,1-3,2-3,3-3,3-4. this is final score rating of the match .this is a great performance given the florida team. so finally won the match florida state seminoles by 3-4.

Depaul Blue Demons vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (WOMEN) Recap

The basketball is the December 10 2014 on the depul blue vs notre dame fighting irish this is the women match .so many audience watch this match . so many expect this match on the during . starting the match very slow . then score rating is the 0-1,1-1,2-1,3-1 this score rating . depaul blue women players played very well and their using the trick and great passing ball. but notre dame player get injury of the leg. finally the score rating is inform the 3-1. so the depaul blue demons won the match of the series3-1. on the match.. very super match .
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