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NFL Preseason: Washington Redskins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Recap

The Washington Redskins and Jacksonville Jaguars squared off in there final pre-season game. Both teams are looking to fill rosters as they both have struggled the past few years. While the game was not the most exciting, Stephen Morris of the Jaguars played the whole game and threw one touchdown. Colt McCoy was equally as good for the Redskins as he played all the downs on offensive as well. Jacksonville main star was Corey grant who ran for 74 yards and a Touchdown. Washington Wide Receiver Rashad Ross had 10 catches for a 103 yards and a TD, and was looking to make the roster looked impressive. The Jags would go on to win the irrelevant game, but both teams got a final look at their rosters.

NFL Preseason: Detroit Lions vs. Buffalo Bills Recap

The Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills squared off in there final pre-season game. Both teams are heading into the season with high hopes and look to be going to the playoffs. They both sat a lot of starters and wanted to take a look at what they had on the roster. Corner Back Ron Brooks of the Bills made a good impression in the first quarter with an 81 yard pick 6 which was definitely a ESPN highlight. Kellen Moore of the Lions would connect with TJ Jones for a 64 yard touchdown pass which would be the main highlight for the Lions. Both teams traded Field Goals, but a Touchdown by Zach Zenner of the Lions would be the capper of the game, and would send both teams headed towards the regular season.

NFL Preseason: New England Patriots Vs. New York Giants Recap

The New England Patriots and New York Giants squared off in there final pre-season game. Both teams sat virtually all starters that were relavent, and played backups for roster spots. Both teams featured young QB's to show what they could do. New York has Ryan Nassib play the whole game, and New England featured third string QB Ryan Lindley. Both QB's were unimpressive combing for no touchdowns, and a 50% completion rate. Neither team was moving the ball all to well and that lead to a slow, boring game. The game featured 7 Field Goals with the New York Giants coming out on top in the end.
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