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Montreal Canadiens vs. Detroit Red Wings Recap

Two classic original six teams played on Saturday night. The Red Wings traveled to Montreal to take on the Canadiens. Both teams have played relatively well, and primed for a good matchup. The game started off slow as both teams went scoreless in the first period. The Red Wings would strike first early on in the 2nd period on a goal by rookie sensation Dylan Larkin. However Montreal would respond minutes later on the power play as Brandan Gallagher would score to tie it up. Heading to the third period it would be all Canadiens. Jeff Petry would score on the power play to give the Canadiens the lead, than very late the canadiens would add another goal, and an empty net goal with one second to seal the deal.

Montreal Canadiens vs. New York Rangers Recap

The meeting of the New York Rangers and the Montreal Canadiens was yet another display of solid hockey. The 1st ended with no goals on either side, despite the 9-7 attempts by New York and Montreal respectively. 8:46 into the 2nd, Tomas Fleischmann put up the first point on the scoreboard with an assist from David Desharnais. The 2nd ended with a 1-0 lead for the Canadiens. The first 17:54 of the 3rd saw no goals on either side, but the duo of Fleischmann and Desharnais assisted Dale Weise, scoring yet another for Montreal. Perhaps feeling dejected, New York gave Montreal an open net with less than 40 seconds remaining, allowing Tomas Plekanec to get a score as well. This was Montreal's 5th consecutive win since the season opener.

Pittsburgh Penguins Vs. Montreal Canadiens Recap

Original six rivals Pittsburge and Montreal took on each other Tuesday night. The Canadiens were riding high as they were undefeated as the Pens could not get it going thus far and were winless. The Habs came out first and scored on a goal by Max Pacioretty. The Pens tied it up with a goal by Beau Bennett. Max pacioretty scored again on the power play, but Kris Letang tied it up again, and the game headed to the 3rd period tied up at 2. The Habs would come out and score on a goal by Tomas Fleischmann to give them the lead, and would eventually give them the win.
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Montreal Canadiens 2014-2015 Schedule, Score, Roster, Rumors, Seating Charts

Montreal Canadiens Schedule in 2014 - 2015

Montreal Canadiens season skates off with a big rivalry right away on road vs the maple leafs on October 8th at 7 PM. More then the leaves will falling it is promising to match that will set a tone for the season when they face the Rangers in Canada on the 25th.Then after 5 more road games, including two back to back match ups they will make their home ice debut Vs. Boston at 7PM. Hockey exports have been weighing in on the big games to watch for this time among the notable include Nov. 22 when they face Boston yet again this time at the Burins place. Also mark your calendar on the 29th a big test will be had when they play the Sabers at home. They will cap off the regular season at home on April 9th vs. the Red Wings and close out the entire regular season with the Maple leafs April 11th.

Montreal Canadiens Roster

The major story in terms of the roster has to do with the goalie situation. Carey Price will be acting as the starting goalie for now meanwhile there is no word yet on has won the fight to be back up goalie. That is a fight between Peter Budaj and Dustin Tokarsk. There is one more player who is behind in the fight but if he does well in the AHL he could be called back up from their minor league team, that is goaly Joey McDonald. At you will see Joe Mcdonald command respect thanks to his size as winger there will be Michael McCarron who with his size. Looking good over on forward are players Tomas Plekanec plus Rene Bourque . An other player at forward who will be back soon from an injury is Lars Eller. He is under a 14 million four year contract extension many believe that will bring added pressure to win and recover faster.

Montreal Canadiens Fan Experience

The Montreal Canadiens home is inside the Bell Centre arena located right in the heart of city of Montreal Canada. The complex opened in 1996 and can up to 21,273, people . The stadium is the largest Hockey arena in professional sports. This is a place that was made for hockey while it can host other events the format is all about the ice. The arrangement for the fans is referred to as a three-tier layout. While it is your typical brinks and moter building the food is known to be good they serve steamé' which there version of the hot dog. A big fan favorite there to is the Chicken wings and 18 year olds can drink beer there since the legal age is 18 in Canada.

Montreal Canadiens Trivia

A fun fact about the team is they have a nick named known as the Habbs. The term according to historians means les habitants," the informal name given to the original settlers of New France, dating back to the 17th Century”. So when it got printed in a New York Paper that the H" on the Canadians' sweaters was for "Habitants." Fans must of liked it because it has been with them ever since.

Montreal Canadiens History

The team was one of the original NHL teams their first gam was in in 1909 by J. Ambrose O'Brien in in 1917 they played the first true NHL game. In the NHL according to hockey reference they have had a record of 81 play off showings.
They had cup wins in 1923 and 1924 also 1930 and 1931. In 1931 the team almost moved away but they didn’t to Ohio they stayed and in 1942 in the building known as the Montreal Forum that was the home of the franchise from 1942 to 1996. In 1996 they moved into the previous mentioned Bell Centre. One big part of the team that is still around is the logo it is pretty much the same as it has been since 1917. One of the longest players for the tam was Henri Richard. A record for goal tenders is held by Jacques Planet.

Montreal Canadiens Fan Info

The fans are known to be some of the most passionate in the league . Mostly all the fans up in Canada played hockey and really know the game well. When you go to the games you will see a sea of red men woman people of all ages go to the game it is as big as American football is they are known to be a bit cocky. You will hear them shout out a big ‘’O’’ During the the O canada. Lots of the fans will also scream things in French and even go to the stadium early have brunch and then go to the games.