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Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears Recap

The Football match is during the date of December 28,2014 to the teams are Minnesota Vikings vs chicago Bears of this match.starting this match is bears team players by captain to control of everything by the match. then the score was bears players are hard and over mass kick to used by this match. and the players irvin is played short time to tricky of passing niceshot of the same team players to great plays by the match. the score was ending quarter is 3-4. on the match.

Miami Dolphins vs. Minnesota Vikings Recap

The football match begin the December 21,2014 to the Miami Dolphins vs Minnesota vikings, to the ,starting this is match is on the miami team captain of the match,he played on the excellent perforamance of this match. then he played the very well of the match. then players raqik is played the easy to shot the goal shot of this match, this minnesota team player also played very well of this match. that led the score was the minnesota vikings of the match the score was ending 5-4..

Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings Recap

The football match is on December 14,2014 to the detroit lions vs minnesota vikings of this match . starting the match very slolwly during of this match , because this is often rain is into the match . then detroit lions to given best performance of the match . then they using ball tricks and passing of the ball to team players. so they easily improve goal rating. the score rating was the 0-1,1-1,2-1,3-1,4-1,5-1. it was minnesota played not best than lions of players. so Detroit lions team won the match by 5-1.
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