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Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs Tickets


Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs News

Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs Women's Hockey vs. Ohio State Buckeyes Recap

The hockey match is the begin on February 22,2015 to the teams are Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs women's hockey vs ohio state buckeyes on the match starting very the match to the captain of the state team players peter to the played the control and his team only to pass the ball very easy to get the score by the match and score is specific point of to get the goal of reach their score point to get the score on the match1-2.the bulldogs team players also enter the their reach point get the goal on the match2-2,finally lead the score is bulldogs 3-2. after ending.

Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs Women's Hockey vs. Ohio State Recap

On February 20, 2015, two of college's most exciting teams came head to head. Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs Women's Hockey vs. Ohio State Women's Hockey team put on a display of skill and true grit. In the end Minnesota put Ohio State to the test and came out the victor in this match up. Both teams put on a great display of will and detemination yet the Minnesota Duluth Women's Hockey team showcased perseverance which was the determining factor in securing the win over Ohio State. Though Minnesota had scoreless first quarter, they remained focused and was able to defend to secure the win. This win allows the Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs to secure home playoff ice for it's 16th year.

Exhibition: Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs Recap

A Basketball match was played between Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs on November 01, 2014.The venue for the match was Notre Dame, Ind. (Purcell Pavilion).Both teams played very well but Notre Dame Fighting Irish won the match and Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs have to face defeat. Both the teams were playing well.Notre Dame Fighting Irish leads the match and Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs try to chase the score but not able to lead .It was an interesting neck to neck match to view.Team coordination and tough defense are the key to win the match.It was a commentable, interesting and entertaining match.