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Wisconsin Badgers Hockey vs. Michigan Tech Huskies Recap

On January 3rd the Michigan Tech Huskies played the Wisconsin Badgers in Men's College hockey. It was a rematch of a game they had played the day before. Michigan Tech dominated the puck and the total shots in the contest take 47 to the Badgers 19. Wisconsins Ryan Wagner did great in the face offs winning 9 of the 16 he was involved in. Dylan Stateman won 7 of his 15 face offs for Michigan Tech. Morgan Zulinick of Wisconsin scored the games first goal late in the 2nd period. He was assisted by Tim Davison and Jedd Soleway and the Badgers took a 1-0 lead into the final period.

Wisconsin Badgers Hockey vs. Michigan Tech Huskies Recap

The Wisconsin Badgers Hockey take on the Michigan Tech Huskies in an epic head to head. Both of these teams are excited to show off their skills on the ice. Taking place in the Kohl's center, the seats were jam packed and eager to see some action of the ice. Morgan Zulinick was a player to keep an eye on because he has scored in the past two games at least once for the Wisconsin Badgers. But there were many problems in the Wisconsin Badger's defense and they couldn't keep the Huskies in place by allowing them to get three goals in the first period.

Great Lakes Invitational - Third Place & Championship Game Recap

The hockey match on December 29,2014.Great lakes invitational -Third place & championship game of the team . then the players of great lakes invitational team players yorgee of this match. then lakes team players are played very totally full power to played by the lakes team players on this match. then it was very great times of the great lakes invitational team .then try led by score on another time and get chance of way.score was ending by 4-5.. to this match was continue...
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