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Mercyhurst Lakers Tickets


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Mercyhurst Lakers News

Michigan Wolverines vs. Mercyhurst Lakers Recap

The highly regarded Michigan Wolverine hockey team had a tough time disposing of the lesser-known Mercyhurst squad, generating just enough offensive hockey late in the game to pull out a two goal victory.

The scoreboard count was never separated by more than one goal until there was only 16 seconds left on the clock and the Wolverines managed to bag an empty net goal to secure the margin of victory.

Michigan out skated Mercyhurst, but the Lakers managed to keep the game close all evening by taking advantage of penalty opportunities when they would have a skater advantage over the heavily favored Michigan squad.

Michigan’s season opener was a hard fought victory, while the Lakers took some consequence in playing a major NCAA hockey power close all night and now sits with a 3-2 record after 5 games.

Michigan Wolverines vs. Mercyhurst Lakers Recap

Michigan wins the toss and decides to receive the ball. The Lakers kick off to the Wolverines and the ball goes into the end zone. Therefore the ball is brought out to the 25-yd line where Michigan has possession. On the first play the Michigan quarterback passes the ball to his end, who catches it on the 50-yd. line. On second down, Michigan tries to run the ball but the Lakers defense sacks the quarterback. Now it is third down for Michigan and they try another pass. It is caught on the 40-yd line of the Lakers and the player is successful in running it into the end zone for a touchdown. The kicker for Michigan makes the extra point and Michigan is ahead 7-0. After that, there is no more scoring even though both teams play hard, and Michigan wins the game.