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Exhibition: Michigan State Spartans vs. The Masters College Recap

It was a cold winter afternoon in Michigan but things were hot in the gym on the Michigan State campus. The Michigan State Spartans were playing the kids from The Masters College. The Spartans had the lead throughout the whole game until late in the second half, although Masters College fell behind by double digits a few times, they still kept coming back to make it a close game but were never able to take the lead nor tie the game. However,late in the second half which was one of the times that Masters College was down double digits, (13 pts.) the Spartans best player and leading scorer went down with an ankle injury. This enabled the Masters to come all the way back and tie the game with 11 seconds left in regulation. The Spartans used their final time out at that point. When they came back out on the court they ran the play that they drew up during their timeout and scored the winning basket with no time left on the clock.