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Houston Texans NFL Draft Party Recap

The Houston Texans hosted an NFL Draft Party at RNG Stadium. The fans were treated to many different things and the Cheerleaders seemed to be the highlight of the night. Many fans did show up to the party all decked out in there Texan gear excited to see what the team could add and hope to be a step in the right direction of getting them to future super bowl. The Texans were expected to be looking to go on the defensive side of the ball as they really needed to get a defensive back to assist them. The Texans were finally on the clock after a few hours and draft DB Kevin Johnson from Wake Forest. Outside of that the fans looked to have a great time, as well as staff.

AFC Championship Game: Houston Texans vs. TBD (If Necessary) Recap

On a rainy evening in Foxborough, the Indianapolis Colts started the AFC Championship game against the New England Patriots from their own 22-yard line. The first play of the game was a handoff to Daniel “Boom” Herron for a minimal gain. Things didn’t look very good on the next two plays either, as Andrew Luck threw two consecutive incomplete passes, and the Colts were forced to punt. The punt was decent, but the punt return by New England’s Julian Edelman was better, as he returned the ball 20 yards to about mid-field giving the Patriots great field position to start their drive. The Patriots could not get things going on their drive either, as they were forced to punt after just three plays. On the ensuing punt, the Colts’ punt returner, Josh Cribbs, lost sight of the ball, presumably because of the falling rain. The ball bounced off of Cribbs’ helmet and was recovered by the Patriots. The Patriots started their revitalized drive from the Colts 26-yard line. The Patriot running back owned the drive, firing his way for 8, 2, and 4-yard carries. On the sixth play of their drive, LaGarrette Blount powered his way into the end zone for a 1-yard rushing touchdown. The Patriots added an extra point, and took a 7-0 just 5 minutes into the game.

AFC Wild Card or Divisional Home Game: Houston Texans vs. TBD (Date: TBD - If Necessary) Recap

AFC Wild Card or Divisional Home Game: Houston Texans vs. TBD (Date: TBD - If Necessary) was January 03, 2015 it was a Football game has amazed us all a miracle, I'm surprised I do not like this game was played Football very simply it was incomparable, those who have been watching this game for you to turn and watch as it is wonderful , I do not know how to say true size, All ist excellent, One Player It's fantastic player, women are fragile beings, I will not miss this game.Houston Texans Was in the lead in the first half with 1 points this amazing thing was, tense and hard game, players spent the end. Just watch this game He did wonderful things, but it should be noted that a sign One Pleyer played and released TBD, thank you
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