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Florida Panthers News

Florida Panthers vs. Dallas Stars Recap

Game between Florida Panthers vs. Dallas Stars started very slow and both teams focused on defense and there were no goals in the first period.Second period started little rough and the first game came in the first minute and the shooter was Aleksander Barkov from Florida Panthers,second also came from Florida Panters and the shooter was Brandon Pirri,third goal was from Dallas Stars and the shooter was Tyler Seguin.Third period was total turnaround for Dallas Stars and they dominated the game by scoring three goals in this period and the shooter were Jamie Benn,Tyler Seguin.Dallas Stars won this game 4:2.Florida better luck next time.

Florida Panthers vs. Buffalo Sabres Recap

In the fourth game of the season, the red hot Florida Panthers hosted the struggling Buffalo Sabres at their home arena, BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida. The game had a bit more goals than expected from two teams coming off such poor seasons a year ago, and nearly a dozen penalties. For the Panthers it was NHL veteran, Jaromir Jagr who kicked off the scoring with two in the first period alone. In the second, Buffalo tried coming back with an even strength goal from Jake McCabe but in the end it wasn't enough. The power play conversions were ultimately the decider as Buffalo went 1 for 6 where as the Panthers cashed in on 2 of 5 opportunities.

Carolina Hurricanes vs. Florida Panthers Recap

The Carolina Hurricanes traveled to Carolina to play the Hurricanes. The Panthers took the lead in the first period on a goal scored by Nick Bjugstad 2 minutes into the game. This was Bjugstad's 2nd goal of the season. The Hurricanes were able to tie the score in the 2nd period. Elias Lindholm scored his first goal of the season tying the game at 1. With the game tied at one in the 3rd period the Panthers took control of the game by scoring 2 goals in the span of 3 minutes. One goal each by Connor Brickley and Aleksander Barkov. Jussi Jokinen scored in the final 2 minutes to seal the win.
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Florida Panthers 2014-2015 Schedule, Score, Roster, Rumors, Seating Charts

Florida Panthers Schedule in 2014 - 2015

The Florida Panthers have a great season schedule lined out.To begin the season they face their ultimate rivals, their instate rivalry, in the form of the Floridian team, the Tampa Bay Lighting.The game starting puck gets rolling at 7:00 p.m on October 9th. playing an away game at Tampa. The home games begin when the Florida panthers host the New Jersey team, The Devils.The Panthers will play thirty games this season against their division piers.The will be playing the defending Stanley cup champs,the Los Angeles Kings, on November 18th as well as hosting them in mid February.The schedule this season is chalked full of games,with the Panthers playing a total of 12 sets of back-toback contests.The season will be very busy, especially in March and February when the Panthers will play a total of 15 games,respectively each month.The Panthers will end the Season this year versus the ,The New Jersey Devils , on April 11th.

Florida Panthers Roster

The roster this year see some greats return as well as a few newcomers to the team make their debut.The Panthers have acquired at least 18 players this season.The most exceptional new players this year being, Sam Britain and Eric Gubdbranson, both free agent whom the Panthers have acquired on multi year contracts.Some of the 2013-2014 team roster has also been lost to other teams such as , Gilbert, Clemonsen, and Winchester, whom were previously taken in as free agents.One other notable lost is in Ed Jovanski, whom has played for the Panthers on two separate occasions.

Florida Panthers Fan Experience

The stadium is a massive infrastructure designed to house 19,250 people during any given hockey game. The stadium itself has the multi purposes of being a hockey stadium as well as basketball, not to mention a perfectly capable concert arena.The stadium is the largest in Florida and the second in its Southeastern division. The satdium supplies ample food and beverage choices to its patrons.The stadium executives recently made a choice to change most of the seatings to red, in an attempt to propagate more interest and involvement in the slogan "We see red" in support of its home teams.

Florida Panthers Trivia

The Florida panthers are the retiring team of two very talented players, whom were recognized for their skill in the game of hockey through the National Hockey League hall of fame. Goaltender,Ed Balfour played for one season with the Florida Panthers before being placed in the 2011 hall of fame inductees.Joe Niuwendyck also played for the FLorida Panthers and was nominated in to the Hockey hall of fame as well, also in 2011.

Florida Panthers History

The Florida Panthers completed he amazing feat of making it into the playoff just three years after they were established s a NHL team.The team itself has a history dating back to Miami since 1993.After that third season playoff entrance the Panthers have kept a decent game record, but failed to reach the heights they did in the third season.Since the playoff season the team has been more of a stranger to most post season games.Former player Craig Anderson holds the record for most shots faced while in a shut out victory, that number being 53 shots with a shutout of 1-0 against the opposing team the New York Islanders.

Florida Panthers Fan Info

Miami itself is not necessarily know for being predominately hockey fans in any way.The Miami sports fanatics, o a whole tend to follow the sport of basketball closer than hockey. However,the actual fans of The Florida Panthers are die hard for their team.The fans are know for following the team to away games, some of which are over a thousand miles away.Body paint and signs depicting messages to their favorite player are also a given in for any FLorida Panthers hockey fan at any game day.The fans are also know for being vehemently involved in the choice of coach and acquisition of players.One instance being hundreds of fans calling into a sports talk radio protesting the former coaches abilities, the coach was ultimately let go of... maybe the fans have a stronger voice in Miami then other places.

Florida Panthers Rumors

The Florida Panthers have been subject to circulating rumors that they will be moving to a different city and possibly being soon under new ownership.These rumors have been speculated in the past and put down by managers and owners. However, recently the rumors have surfaced again that the team will move cities by next Season. As well as a new city for the Panthers, there is rumor of a new way to drum up attendance.The owners have also been speculated to hold owner and team sponsored seat giveaways to fill the empty seat.Those seats are also being rumored as to be covered with a black curtain as to not allow any filmed games to show poor attendance and empty seats to full ratio in a negative light.