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NBA Preseason: Charlotte Hornets vs. Chicago Bulls Recap

The Charlotte Hornets are one of the young NBA teams primed with youth and brimming with talent. For the 6th time in as many preseason exhibition games, they lived up to all the hype. Four Hornets scored in double figures last night, lead by guard Kemba Walker, to defeat the Chicago Bulls in a closely played game.

Both teams came out firing hot, and ended the 1st quarter knotted up at 33 points each. Each squad began to increase their level of defensive intensity and the result was both scoring about half that many points in the second 20-minute period. After a half of basketball, Chicago held a 1-point lead.

Charlotte began to use the team concept to it’s full potential in the 3rd quarter, exemplified by 5 players having more than 5 rebounds on the night. This team effort helped flip the scoreboard at the end of the 3rd quarter handing a 1-point lead over to the Hornets.

Charlotte, using mostly their second unit, would stretch their lead by another 7 points during the fourth period for the final 8-point margin of victory. Chicago fell for the 4th time in the preseason, while Charlotte’s slate stayed perfectly clean with their sixth win in as many tries.

NBA Preseason: Chicago Bulls vs. Detroit Pistons Recap

The NBA Preseason game between the Chicago Bulls and the Detroit Pistons took place on October the 14th, 2015 at The United Center in Chicago, Illinois. The game resulted in a huge loss for the Chicago Bulls, losing by more than 20 points. Each team had four game leaders. For the Detroit Pistons, the game leaders were Reggie Jackson, Andre Drummond, Stanley Johnson, and Jodie Meeks. For the Chicago Bulls, the game leaders were E'Twuan Moore, Joakim Noah, Nikola Mirotic, and Aaron Brooks. Overall, it was a very good dame. Both teams played their hearts out and it was a close call, but the Chicago Bulls just couldn't come out on top.

NBA Preseason: Chicago Bulls vs. New Orleans Pelicans Recap

The Pelicans' Anthony Davis scored 26 points, leading New Orleans to a win over Chicago in a high-scoring game at the United Center. Davis hit 10-of-16 shots and also had eight rebounds. He was helped by Ryan Anderson, who had 18 points and 10 rebounds off the bench. Sean Kilpatrick scored 23 for New Orleans. For the Bulls, Bobby Portis led the way with 20 points and 11 rebounds. Chicago led 66-54 at the half, but the Pelicans scored 69 points in the second half to earn the victory. The Bulls enjoyed a 52-40 advantage in rebounding but committed 14 turnovers to the Pelicans' seven.
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Chicago Bulls 2014-2015 Schedule, Score, Roster, Rumors, Seating Charts

Chicago Bulls Schedule in 2014 - 2015

The Chicago Bulls are starting this season off with an away opener against the New York Knicks. Game one of a new season helps to set the tone for the year and the Bulls have drawn an easy opening team. However the glow won't last long as they are set to face a newly invigorated Cavs team with King James leading the charge. This will be a key game to watch as the entire nation will be poised to see if the mighty Lebron and his new squad are as much of a threat as they appear to be this year. After starting strong against Cleveland, the Bulls have a rough November ahead. They start in mid-November with a 7 game away streak in a 13 day period. Clearly Chicago is a glutton for punishment as they have another away binge scheduled at the end of January through early February that runs for 6 games in 12 days. Luckily, February allows for a nice 7 game home streak to help the Bulls refresh and prepare for playoffs. Their season comes to a head agains the Atlanta Hawks which should be an easy win to round out the year.

Chicago Bulls Roster

A team of legend that has waned in the years since Jordan's reign. This Bulls team has added a few key players to ensure that even if they can't be the "Dream Team" at least they have a chance to make the playoffs again this year. Derrick Rose is the key to the success of this years Bulls. His endless string of injuries have seriously limited Chicago in past years. The Bulls have remained loyal to this young talent and this may be the year he is finally healthy enough. Two noteworthy additions this year are league regular Pau Gasol, who was traded from the Lakers, and the much anticipated Doug McDermott, drafted 11th by the Nuggest and later acquired via trade). Joakim Noah cannot be ignored on the team that is shaping up to be solid overall. Round it out with Mike Dunleavy and Taj Gibson and this season could prove pretty dreamy after all.

Chicago Bulls Fan Experience

The United Center is not only home to the Chicago Bulls, it houses the Blackhawks and a bevy of musical talent. The real question is when can you arrive at the United Center and not find thrilling entertainment. The "Madhouse on Madison" is an appropriate nickname for all that goes on in this facility. This arena is hosting what could be a new tradition in NCAA basketball. The CBS Sport Classic featuring four of the nation's most prestigious teams; Kentucky, Ohio State, North Carolina, and UCLA, will be held at the United Center in December. This is the first year for this event and promises to bring fans from all over the country to unite over their shared love of basketball.

Chicago Bulls Trivia

Derrick Rose, arguably the Bulls star player, hails from this great city. Englewood is where Rose called home before heading to the University of Memphis. Another Chicago highlight also includes Rose. Derrick was the youngest player, age 22, to receive the MVP award.

Chicago Bulls History

Bulls history is incomplete without the mention of the Jordan years. We'll get to Jordan as all good things are worth the wait. The Chicago Bulls have a short, but rich history after being founded in 1966. The Bulls came in with a bang and had the best record of any expansion team in NBA history. They weren't done yet. In their first year in the league they qualified for the playoffs. Chicago is the only team to do so in their first season. A franchise founded in excellence was formed and the tradition of talent continued. The Bulls began to falter and had some mediocre seasons before everything turned around in 1984 with the addition of Michael Jordan. The Jordan Era lead to many franchise and league records for players, coaches, and the team alike. Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, John Paxson, Horace Grant, Toni Kukoc, and Phil Jackson were key members of this successful century. During this reign of three-peats and 72 win seasons, the Bulls found their major rival in the Detroit Pistons. Following this time the Bulls suffered a bit of a slump before a resurgence of talent in the early 2000s before suffering through several Derrick Rose knee injuries and arriving at this season. The three-peats, from 1991-1993 and 1996-1998, lead by Jordan are the only Bulls championship seasons.

Chicago Bulls Fan Info

Fans of the Bulls are dedicated. The Bulls lead the NBA in home attendance last season. Love for the Bulls extends beyond the fan base to Benny the Bull, who was voted "Americas Most Popular Mascot." Benny not only dazzles on the court but on Twitter as well. He is known for witty thoughts on his ventures into the community. Bulls fans care more about heart than looks and they proved this sentiment with their recent addition of an all-male dance team featuring some sexy larger than life men know as the Matadors.