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Washington Huskies vs. California Golden Bears Recap

On September 26, 2015, the two epic teams the Washington Huskies vs. California Golden Bears, had a ground breaking game in which the Huskies came out on top.The Huskies initially had some problems and struggles in their play strategy and in keeping up their fans but this was soon resolved. Many of the Bears players performed exceptionally well in the past , but in this one had some management problems. What does the future hold for these two teams--the Washington Huskies and California Golden Bears ? One can only keep watching to find out for sure--the players and fans however can only win in watching the experience.

Texas Longhorns Vs. California Golden Bears Recap

The Texans Longhorns and the California Bears put up an offensive display for the fans. This game was all about offense as both teams had well over 1,000 yards combined. Jerod Heard was very impressive for the Longhorns as he threw for 364 yards and ran for 163 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Bears Jared Goff would counter with 268 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Game went into halftime 24-24. California came out quickly in the 3rd quarter and scored 3 touchdowns and look to dominate the game. However the Longhorns decided that was not going to happen coming all the way back to make it 45-44, but ia missed extra point by Kicker Nick Rose did not tie it, and the Longhorns would go on to lose the game.

Pac 12 Men's Basketball Tournament - Session 1: California vs. Washington State & Arizona State vs. USC Recap

The game between California vs. Washington State started very intense but in very short time California showed domination on the basketball court by wining the first half with 11 points difference 37:26.Second half was hard for both teams they gave their best but once again California with good strategy won the second half with difference of 14 points 47:33.And the final result was 84 :59 for California.Washington State better luck next time.On the other hand game between Arizona State vs. USC started with a lot of action but court was dominated by Arizona State and they won the first half with difference of 10 points,38:28 for Arizona State.Second half was very intense and USC make great turn on the game they showed good strategy and with a lot of straight shooting they won the second half by difference of 13 points 26:39 for USC.And USC won the game with the final result 64:67.
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