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AutoZone Liberty Bowl: West Virginia Mountaineers vs. Texas A&M Aggies Recap

The West Virginia versus Texas A&M football game was definitely one to keep you on the edge of your seat with your eyes peeled. It all started in the first quarter, when Kyle Allen of Texas A&M threw a 44 yard pass to Josh Reynolds, resulting in a touchdown. West Virginia came back scoring after that, eventually leading 17-7. This called for a big play from the A&M Aggies, which is exactly what they did. It was on the 4th and 5 at the West Virginia Mountaineers 40 mark when Kyle Allen yet again threw a great pass to Trey Williams. Williams scored a touchdown and this was the turning point for the Aggies most would say. The second quarter left the teams neck and neck, ending with the Texas A&M ahead by 1 point with a score of 28-27. The first half was over, but the whole game was over for the student assistant of the Aggies Michael Richardson, who was kicked off the sideline by coach Sumlin after two incidents of hitting West Virginia players were discovered on video. But the game had to go on. The third quarter raised the score for both teams, but the Aggies were still leading by the end of it. Finally, in the 4th quarter, West Virginia's Skyler Howard threw a 4 yard pass to Elijah Wellman with only 2:32 remaining, scoring the final touchdown of the game. The Mountaineers put up a good fight, but weren't able to defeat the Aggies in the end. Kyle Allen, although just a freshman, was definitely considered the star of the game having thrown for 4 touchdowns. It was an overall memorable game, especially since it earned the new 2nd place slot for highest scoring days out of the 56 total in Liberty Bowl history.