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Utah Utes vs. Arizona State Sun Devils Recap

The Utah Utes hosted the Arizona State Sun Devils. The Utes are playing every game to get into the playoff as they are having one of their best seasons ever. Arizona State has struggled of late and was looking to be the spoiler. The Utes would strike first and take a 7-0 lead, but the Sun Devils responded on the kick off and took it back a 100 yards to tie up the game. From there it would be mostly Travis Wilson and Devontae Booker who would lead the Utes. Booker would run for 118 yards and 2 touchdowns, while Wilson would throw for 297 yards. Arizona State would try to battle back and actually take a 18-14 lead but Utah took over in the 2nd half and score the next 20 points to go on to win and remain undefeated.

UConn Huskies Men's Hockey vs. Arizona State Sun Devils Recap

Not sure we can name it an opposition, as the Huskies never allowed a chance to the Devils to have a single reason for hoping to win that game. Scoring three during the first period was already an indicator of the following stages. Many reasons to be satisfied for the UConn staff: Naas scored two, and russian freshman Letunov assisted both goals. Another freshman, Kalter, also scored. Goalkeeper Rob Nichols was also instrumental, making 24 saves. The Devils only goal was scored during the last period, and the Huskies scored their last one during the very last minute of the game. Quite a symbol illustrating the course of the game.

Arizona State Sun Devils vs. Colorado Buffaloes Recap

The Arizona State Devils clashed with their rival team the Colorado Buffaloes at the Sun Devil Stadium located in Tempe Arizona. It was an exciting match indeed as both teams were well prepared, unfortunately for the Colorado Buffaloes it turned out to be bad luck for them for they were out beaten in all the four quarters ending up with a score of only twenty eight, the Arizona State Devils stole the show winning four rounds with a score of forty eight, their special talent was shown today, their players performed like never before winning the match against the Colorado Buffaloes by a huge marginal score difference.
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